Our Tadika

Tadika Senyum Manis

Tadika Senyum Manis (TSM) was established by Grace Methodist Church Sentul in 2001, using the fine values and discipline of Methodist missionaries. The first principal was Ms Patti Yong and subsequently retiring in 2012 and the present principal is Ms Joyce Bala.

TSM is managed and guided by GMC management committee which consists of leaders of Grace Methodist Church Local Council Executive Committees (LCEC).

Among GMC’s prime objectives are:
  • To provide an early childhood education which will equip students with the skills of understanding language, arts, music, maths and science
  • Preparing students in moving into primary school education upon completion of kindergarten education
  • To provide education that is less formal to cover the many aspects of childhood learning
  • To provide an opportunity for students to adapt to future Malaysian education systems
  • To provide all rounded students that will help develop the concept of life-long education

School Responsibility